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XML Comm Server interface | SQL database | Data Importer | Multi-Session | Manufacturing Intelligence

Inspect software includes an XML Comm Server interface. This interface gives Inspect the capability of importing XML data from external systems. Also included is OPC Server service to publish key inspect data, such as concerns, repairs, inspections and tracking information. This allows connected OPC clients to capture and process Inspect information. Data is stored in a SQL database for immediate access from any web browser via a Reporting Module.

A standalone Data Importer function lets users import parts, locations, concerns, details, repair types and product data directly from an Excel spreadsheet into the Inspect database. The Data Importer eliminates the need for manual data entry of information already stored in other databases or files. This feature supports all standard versions of Excel, and data imported from the spreadsheet can be previewed before being used in ATS Inspect.

The Multi‐Session function allows the system administrator to enable two Inspect Data Collect sessions to run on the same workstation. When Multi‐Session is enabled, inspectors with different responsibilities can share a station. In addition, stations where Multi‐Session is enabled are available as a backup should another station fail.

Manufacturing Intelligence

The powerful data collection and reporting capabilities makes ATS Inspect ideal for Manufacturing Intelligence. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data collection and reporting is just one of the features which our customers use to improve performance.

ATS Inspect allows you to manually (or automatically) collect idle times, stoppages, speed losses and wastage, providing you with all key components to measure and report on OEE.

Product Description

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