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Easy Configuration and Setup

The Admin application organizes and controls the configuration of the system. This includes product and view setup, station setup, parts, locations, defects and other product related items. The following is a brief summary of what is possible.

Describe the Plant

Create a representation of the plant in which you will be using the system. You can specify every production line and process that will be using ATS Inspect.

Specify the Products

Create a database of the products that will be inspected. The products can be associated to interactive images on which an operator can record defects. If you have variations of a product you can even specify their variations and have different images for each of them.

Specify Potential Defects

Associate potential defects to components of the products. When you specify a defect you can even associate a cause to aid in identifying problem areas within a production process.

A Step-by-Step Approach

Create a graphical or text based step-through approach for carrying out an inspection. For large products a step-by-step inspection reduces the likelihood of something being missed.

A Multi-lingual Approach

Multiple language sets are available. A user-configurable data file allows the language displayed at each station to be tied to user identification, so that employees who speak different languages can operate efficiently throughout a facility. You can also set up user/group security to identify personnel who can enter and edit data.

Product Description

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