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Quality Control for Mass Customization

When implementing mass customization you need to maintain the product quality your customers expect from your brand. To achieve this you need a solution that's as flexible as your plant.

ATS Inspect is a quality control solution that will maintain the quality of your products no matter what variations they have.

The Product Quality Risks of Mass Customization

Mass customization provides individually designed products to a mass market and it's fast becoming a method with which manufacturers can set themselves apart from their competitors.

To achieve mass customization the manufacturing process needs to be highly flexible, not only so that it can produce all of the custom requirements of the current product, but also so that it can implement changes required for future products.

This can put a strain on existing quality assurance practices which often rely on regular processes and identical units. ATS Inspect is ready for this variability and the new working practices required by mass customization.

A Dynamic Inspection Process

ATS Inspect knows the exact build of each unit and adjusts the inspection process accordingly. Images of the product on which the inspector highlight defects will be different depending on the current unit that's coming through.

Likewise, electronic checklists, with which the inspector will confirm that all of the customizations have been correctly implemented, will dynamically adjust so that each unit has a personalised inspection. This individualized process means that no matter how the product has been put together, and even when every unit is different, no unit will ever leave the plant with an incorrect build or quality defects.

Mass customization checklist

Giving the Customer What They Want

Customers will always want more variations of a product and mass customization is giving them the opportunity to have that. If we can choose the look and features of a product it gives us a deeper feeling of ownership of it. However, what customers will not accept is a drop in the quality they've come to expect from your brand. With ATS Inspect you can ensure that individuality does not come at the cost of quality.

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Product Description

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