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Manufacturing Traceability - Track and Trace Every Unit

In ATS Inspect traceability is built into a powerful quality data collection and analysis platform that will enable you to track and trace every unit you produce, through its entire manufacturing life-cycle.

Everyone knows that ATS Inspect is the go to solution when you want to improve the visual quality of manufactured products. However, did you also know that ATS Inspect can be used for track-and-trace?

Traceability is built into the very fabric of ATS Inspect enabling you to track and trace every unit you produce, through its entire manufacturing life-cycle.

As soon as a unit ID has been downloaded from the enterprise layer ATS Inspect will keep track of it. Every inspection station it passes through records further quality data and builds up a fully detailed picture of its current status, location and the processes it has been through.

ATS Inspect - Trace Through Plant ATS Inspect provides a complete history of where units have been and when they were there. This means that when quality issues arise you're perfectly positioned to review every action that has taken place.

Once you've located the source of the issue you'll be able to view every unit that passed through the trouble spot, both before and after it and, if needed, re-check those units to see if they have the same issue.

This functionality also comes into play with warranty claims. Being able to trace issues back to the source quickly and effectively allows you to maintain customer satisfaction even when issues arise.

With the increasing speed and complexity of production coming in with Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 this extra line of defense is critical when you're striving to push your quality levels to the highest possible limit.

Product Description

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