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Record Visual Defects Using 3D Models

ATS Inspect gets you up and running with your visual inspections in no time at all by allowing you to import your existing CAD models and enter defects directly onto them.

A Real-World Experience

Defects can be placed directly onto 3D CAD models. When you need to add a defect you can smoothly rotate the model, using a mouse or touch-screen, zoom in to the required area and assign the defect.

This highly intuitive method of inspection allows operators to carry out inspections in an environment more closely associated to the real world.

Bookmark Key Perspectives

By bookmarking key positions the operator can jump to preset perspectives. These bookmarks can include cut-throughs or may have various components removed so that they can place defects inside the product without the need for additional views.

Faster Configuration

All major CAD formats are supported allowing you to import your existing models. The name and ID of every component within the model can also be imported into the database which will greatly reduce your setup time.

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Product Description

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