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Your Solution for Defect Management

ATS Inspect is designed to reduce the costs associated with scrap, rework and warranty claims. The suite of applications provides two approaches to assessing quality:
  • Collects, analyzes and reports attribute data in manufacturing processes where defect information is critical to the production of quality parts.
  • Records and analyzes variable data to ensure that weights, temperatures, torques and any other critical measurements stay within specified limits.

ATS Inspect software is configurable to any application in any industry where the collection and analysis of visual defects and variable data is required.

3D Inspection

Defects can be placed directly onto 3D CAD models. All major CAD formats are supported allowing you to import your existing models. The name and ID of every component within the model can also be imported into the database which will greatly reduce your setup time.

ATS Inspect - 3D Gearbox Inspection

When you need to add a defect you can smoothly rotate the model, using a mouse or touch-screen, zoom in to the required area and assign the defect.

By bookmarking key positions the operator can jump to preset perspectives with cut-throughs and with various components removed so that they can place defects inside the product without the need for multiple views and photos to be taken.

Layered Inspection

The operator can place defects on multi-layer views. This allows them to strip away information to see inside the object being inspected.

ATS Inspect - Layered Inspection

For example, if you were inspecting the interior of a car door you could have layers that represent the door panel, wiring harness behind the door panel and finally the shell of the door. This layered approach mimics real-world inspections and speeds up data collection which reduces costs and means no defect can remain hidden for long.

A Data Collector That Learns

The list of concerns associated to each part can be created at runtime by the operator, greatly reducing the configuration time.
ATS Inspect - Concerns to Components

When an operator first tries to highlight a defect they’ll be presented with all available concerns. Once they’ve selected the concern and created the defect that concern is associated to the component.

Once enough data has been collected an administrator can create the final list of concerns for each component based on the associations that have already been made on the production line. In effect we have created a self-learning configuration ability.

Eliminate Paper Checklists

ATS Inspect includes electronic checklists that can be used to record issues and to make sure all required visual and option content checks have been completed. This eliminates paper checklists and the difficulty of preserving, retrieving and using checklist data for later review and analysis.

ATS Inspect - Checklist example

Instant Event Notification

Inspect Event Service - Overhead Whether it’s a regular update or a quality issue alert, ATS Inspect will be able to let the right people know right away via e‐mail and static display devices, such as message boards and overhead monitors.

The criteria for an alert and the information the alert contains are highly configurable but could involve the following:
  • Quality thresholds
  • Production thresholds
  • Critical defects
  • Production statuses
Inspect Event Service - Phone

Take a Picture

You can take a photo of a quality concern and store it alongside the defect in the system. This gives you a true record of what’s happening on the production line.

ATS Inspect - Take Photo of Defect

Straightforward Data Collection

An easy-to-use operator interface is one of ATS Inspect’s principal strengths.

When recording attribute data ATS Inspect displays images of the item being inspected. The operator can then use simple touch screen tools to identify and evaluate defects which can then be automatically routed to rework in a few seconds.

Recording variable data is just as simple. For each measurement the user types in the value or automatically imports it from an electronic device. Images can be included to show the user exactly which variable needs to be measured.

Real-time data collection drives the ATS Inspect system. Fast, flexible and reliable input, using keyboard, mouse or touch screen, makes operators and inspectors productive and open to using the system.

Customizable User Interfaces

Every company is unique and there will even be different requirements between the different workstations within each company. To allow for this ATS Inspect lets you design your user interfaces from scratch.

ATS Inspect - 3D ipad Place the controls where you need them and then modify the look and feel as you require. You can have different user interfaces for different stations that are designed around the requirements of each location.

And you aren’t limited by the functionality within ATS Inspect. The open architecture allows you to add event-driven logic to your end-user interfaces giving you all the power you need to customize the application behavior.

Advanced Reporting Services

ATS Inspect comes with over 70 pre-defined reports that are available through ATS Advanced Reporting Services (ARS), our powerful reporting and analysis tool that builds on the strengths of Microsoft SSRS ©.

The web-based reports can be viewed anywhere in the world and If the available reports don’t fulfil your needs you can create your own, calling on all the data available within ATS Inspect as well as from other sources.

Using ATS ARS you’ll be able to save a report with different configurations so that you call it up easily and compare and contrast different sets of parameters. You can also automatically generate and send reports via email at regular intervals.

ATS Reporting Services - 3 monitors Reports can also be viewed in the data collection applications. These reports, presented at the point-of-origin, will allow operators to see trends emerging in real time.

For example, if a machine is slowly moving out of alignment, causing increasing numbers of defects, then the operator at the machine can see it happening and fix the problem before it gets any worse.

Multiple Language Support

ATS Inspect - Language Sphere The language displayed at each station is tied to the current user, so that employees who speak different languages can operate efficiently throughout a facility. In addition, reports can be viewed in different languages at the local facility and the global headquarters.

Taking it Step by Step

Product inspections can vary enormously. A single unit may have hundreds or thousands of attributes that need to be checked.

ATS Inspect is prepared for this and allows you to set up inspection steps that will guide the operator through the process in a structured, methodical manner. Checklist questions can be asked at each step to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Mobile Checklist

ATS Inspect - handheld Warranty claims can put a real dent in profits. ATS Inspect tackles this problem at the most critical point of the manufacturing process – the point of delivery.

Using a handheld device an operator can carry out final checks on a product before it leaves the plant. Once the serial number of the unit has been entered, a tailor-made checklist will be presented to the operator, allowing them to confirm that any customer-requested features have been correctly installed.

Mobile Repair

No manufacturing process is perfect, but carrying out repairs should never become a complication. It’s important that they are carried out completely and efficiently – nothing missed, nothing forgotten. ATS Inspect allows you to do this.

ATS Inspect - repair ticket Carrying a handheld device, an operator can move freely around the line performing repairs then simply identify the corrected defect on a repair ticket when it is done. A second operator can then confirm the repairs have been carried out using a similar device.

These double-checks are instantly stored in the system meaning that no open defects get through and the customer will only ever see the product the way you intended it.

Exchanging Data

In order to exchange data with the outside world, ATS Inspect uses ATS Bus. ATS Bus acts as a standardised channel through which all production data can be exchanged. Instead of having to create a customised connection for every combination of ATS software, MES software and plant machinery everything will simply plug into ATS Bus. For more information see the ATS Bus webpage.

Data Management Tools

ATS Inspect - Speedy configuration Users can import parts, locations, concerns, details, repair types and product data directly into the ATS Inspect database. This eliminates the need for manual data entry of information already stored in other databases or files.

See the Cost of Quality

You know that ATS Inspect delivers information on the quality of your products, but what about the cost?

ATS Inspect allows you to see the cost of quality. You can calculate the repair cost of each product or how much labour and material cost is tied up on the plant floor at a given time.

Reference Documents

It’s often useful to have some extra information about how to carry out an inspection. This is where Reference Documents come in handy. Operator instructions, visual aids or whatever else you may need can be accessed by the operator when they need them most.

Open Architecture

The use of public Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), exposed through our Web Services, allow better integration with your other systems.

These machine-to-machine interfaces will allow you to access and exchange data with ATS Inspect with the minimum of hassle, presenting greater opportunities for system integration and automation.

Software as a Service

ATS Inspect is now available in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model utilising ATS Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS).

Using ATS ECS your ATS software will be run from our servers. This means that there’s no software installation required on site. Pilots can be implemented with minimal IT resources and costs and the solution is easily scalable. This managed solution, hosted and maintained by ATS, gives you the flexibility you need with an expenditure fully in your control.

Part of the ADOS Suite

ATS Inspect is part of the ADOS (Attribute, Dimensional, Operational and Shared) software suite. ATS ADOS gives you world-class data collection, reporting and analysis while its cross-application integration provides endless avenues along which to develop and expand your manufacturing potential. View the ATS ADOS brochure here.

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