Customer Help Desk

Current ATS Inspect customers can contact our helpdesk through the Support Request form.

ATS Inspect Webinars for Current Customers

If you are a customer, you can get the latest ATS Inspect updates information live through our regular ATS Inspect webinars.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) & 24/7 Support

An SLA provides the client direct access to systems experts with a clearly defined response time. Depending on the level of support agreed between ATS and the client, a systems expert can be on-site within hours after taking the call. An SLA can be agreed as a Global agreement covering multiple sites with plant-specific agreements. Local, single location or area specific SLA’s are all possible within ATS’s flexible agreement structure. Project and 24/7 support is offered to customers both locally and globally.

Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA)

The Software Maintenance Agreement provides customers with ongoing support and upgrades of all ATS software products. It is in addition to, not an extension of, the product warranties. The Software Maintenance Agreement has many additional benefits beyond simple warranty coverage. ATS offers an additional Service Level Agreement which provides for related on site support, hardware support and may cover software, hardware and systems not originally supplied by ATS as well as ATS supplied software, hardware and systems.

Sarıgözoğlu place order for ATS Inspect - Quality Inspection Software in Turkey

A new order has been placed by Sarıgözoğlu for our Quality Inspection Software, ATS Inspect.