US Based Heavy Truck Supplier Expands Use of ATS Inspect - Quality Inspection Software

We have just received a seal of approval from a large heavy truck and automotive supplier who have decided to expand the use of ATS Inspect - Quality Inspection Software in their Ohio plant.

They’re currently using ATS Inspect within the Assembly line operations to manage defect data collection as well as report quality metrics and constant improvement activities. The rise in quality generated in this area has now led them to begin implementation on their engine block line. They’re adopting a three phase approach to implementing ATS Inspect functionality:

1. Monitor sign-in badges, enter defect data, print defect tracking stickers.
2. Record and monitor defect repair statuses and integrate the use of handheld devices.
3. Generate custom reports and queries and monitor engine block statuses.

Phase one is now underway and will soon allow an operator to record a visual defect associated to a specific engine serial number and print a tag that can be affixed to the engine block for visual tracking. Repairs can then easily be carried out by an operator who will be shown an image of the engine block with the defect location and its details clearly marked.

History tells us that their increased use of ATS Inspect will be swiftly followed by further improved quality as well as financial savings all the way from the production line to the customer.
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Reference Documents


Sarıgözoğlu place order for ATS Inspect - Quality Inspection Software in Turkey

A new order has been placed by Sarıgözoğlu for our Quality Inspection Software, ATS Inspect.