Whirlpool raises its game with ATS Inspect - Quality Inspection Software

We are pleased to announce the first order of ATS Inspect - Quality Inspection Software in the white goods or appliance manufacturing industry for Whirlpool in Mexico. It is initially implemented in a refrigerator production line before expansion throughout the rest of the plant.

Whirlpool was particularly drawn to the visual approach of ATS Inspect, where operators record defects directly onto an image of the product. Cosmetic defects are of critical concern in the white goods industry so it is vital that they are captured at the earliest possible opportunity.

If a defect is discovered on a unit, it will be recorded directly into the system. The unit will then be rerouted to a repair bay where full details of the defect can be recalled directly on screen, together with an image of the exact location of the defect. Once the repair has been completed, ATS Inspect will allow them to carry out a buy-off to confirm that the repair has been performed correctly. The unit can then be directly released for packaging.

Special consideration is given to assembling the correct parts on each product. The option checklist allows them to compare the installed part numbers against the model specification. This integrated approach means that they can look forward to a reduction in time spent managing repairs as well as a reduction in possible human error as there will no longer be a need for troublesome paper checklists to accompany each unit.

Production management will be utilizing reports generated in real-time by ATS Inspect, created directly from the data collected in the shop floor. These reports can be viewed anywhere in the world which is essential for a globally operating company. The ability to receive and analyse up-to-the-minute information from ATS Inspect means that they will be able to adapt quickly when issues arise and so keep the quality of their products at an enviable level.

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