ATS Inspect News: Version 5.3 released

ATS is proud to announce the release of ATS Inspect version 5.3. ATS endeavours to work as closely as possible with customers that have already purchased the product and used it to enhance their production methods. By doing so the product can be adapted to new styles of working while incorporating emerging technologies.

We are pleased to announce the official release of ATS Inspect 5.3. 'ATS Inspect is being used by global and local manufacturers including Navistar (trucks), Yamaha (watercrafts and golf carts), Toyota (cars), Rolls-Royce (aerospace), M.A.N. (trucks), Pepsi-Cola (snacks). We run user group sessions every month to share best practice, hear about any concerns and discuss new features and enhancements. We have invested heavily in expanding the development & support team and the short term product roadmap calls for a new version every six months with interim enhancements for customer specific solutions. All customer specific enhancements are included in the new version. In this way users are benefiting from rapid best practice sharing. Deployments are then supported by expert teams including Lean and Six Sigma specialists. Version 5.3 is particularly important to users who need variable data collection and SPC, the new form composer offers improved ergonomics, or in layman’s terms, even easier to use!
The result is a product and a service designed to improve users quality and efficiency. The case studies give some examples of what has been achieved, some remarkable improvements. Take a look, I am impressed with the results and this is only part of an ongoing story as most companies may not publish their results due to confidentiality and security reasons. Let me just say that ATS Inspect is an enterprise wide solution which is so robust that it is being adopted by nuclear and other power industries'

New Modules
As part of this ongoing process the following new modules have been developed and are now available in ATS Inspect version 5.3:
  • Variable Data Collect
    Inspect has long been the preferred data analysis tool for Six Sigma Black Belts in the attribute data world; we have now crossed the threshold into the variable data world. Variable Data Collect allows operators to record Critical To Quality characteristics such as lengths, diameters, temperatures, voltage or weight. Statistical process control charts are also now available for real-time data analysis. Customers asked to have all data, attribute and variable, in one portal; and we listened.
  • Form Composer
    Use Form Composer to create fully customizable layouts for the Data Collect module. An intuitive What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get designer and powerful scripting possibilities allow for extensive customization of data collection screens.
  • Data Archiver
    This new data management tool allows to remove historical data from the Inspect database and store it on a separate file. This will free up online resources and increase the analytical speed of production systems by reducing the amount of data in the system.
  • Service Manager
    This module allows system administrators and other IT/technical resources to configure, manage and monitor communication processes and services for external systems that send information to and from Inspect. It manages the configuration of the new .NET version of Inspect Communication Services and will eventually replace Inspect Enterprise Manager.

Enhanced Functionality
There have also been many major enhancements to improve existing functionality, such as the following:
  • Adjust defect selection radius
    Acting on feedback from the shop floor, the radius at which a defect can be selected in Data Collect and Auditor can now be modified, making it easier to select.
  • Question can appear in more than one category in a checklist
    A question can be cloned and modified so that it appears in more than one category of the same checklist.
  • Question can be included in a Product Group
    A question can now be included in an entire product group as well as in individual products.
  • Load views on demand
    In order to speed up the start-up process for Data Collect and Auditor, instead of loading all views when logging in, there is an option that will allow them to only be loaded when they’re required.
  • Resize views
    In cases where the operator doesn’t require a detailed image on which to highlight faults, the size of a view can be reduced to speed up the image loading process.
  • List of screens shown for selected layout
    There have been several updates incorporated to make the information you need during the design phase more easily accessible where you need it most. For instance, when looking at layouts associated to stations, the screens contained in the layout are now also shown
  • Instant update of checklist questions
    There have also been improvements to the real-time updating of information on the shop floor. When an existing checklist question has been modified, or a new one has been added, it can be made instantly available on the production line at the touch of a button.

For more information and to see brand new features please refer to ATS Inspect: Version 5.3 for an overview of the product development.


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