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New Features in ATS Inspect 5.2

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Windows Authentication

Windows authentication is now available. Each user can be mapped to a Windows account within the domain; therefore, entering user and password is not necessary, as Inspect recognizes the current Windows user and matches it to the user in the Inspect database. SQL Server authentication is also supported. These two methods are required for Table Auditing, described next. Inspect authentication is still supported, but it is not recommended since user-level table audited is not possible.

Table Auditing

Inspect can now detect and record any modifications to any table in the system, such as defects and repairs. All inserts, deletions and updates are logged along with the user who made the change, date and time, application where the change was made from and other parameters.

Security Manager

User configuration and Security Rights management have been removed from Admin and placed into the new Security Manager application. This allows multiple users to make configuration changes in Admin, while still maintaining total control on security privileges in the system.

Improved Licensing

The licensing mechanism has been completely rewritten to improve the response time at startup and friendlier user interface.

Multiple Defect Entry

The automatic selection of a default rank while in Multiple Defect Entry mode has been updated. Now, the user will be required to select the rank before the defect is created.

New Copy Unit Control

Copy Unit The Copy Unit control is used to quickly copy the defects on a single unit to multiple units. In order to use this control, the user simply touches the edit portion of the control and a popup keyboard will appear. The user should then enter the number of times to copy this unit and its defects. Once the quantity is entered, pressing the Apply button will copy the unit the specified number of times. When the copy process is complete, it will switch to the last unit created.

Control Properties The Administrator can specify that the copy operation should be confirmed before being performed, if desired. This can be set in Layout Manager by activating the “Confirm before copying unit” property, as shown in the following image.

Force Rank

Force Rank Button The Force Rank control is used to change the rank of all defects entered during the current inspection to whatever rank the user chooses. The user simply clicks the Force Rank button and all defects will have their rank changed. The caption on the button is fully editable. Only defects entered during the current inspection will be changed – any existing defects will remain at their current rank.

Control Properties The desired rank is set by changing the Forced Rank property. The Administrator can specify that the rank change should be confirmed before being performed, if desired. This can be set in Layout Manager by activating the “Confirm before changing Rank” property, as shown in the following image.

Station – Top Concerns

Top Concerns The capability to set the order of critical concerns has been added. It appears in the Stations > Data-Collect > Top Concerns menu:

Station/Top Concerns Using this feature, the order of important concerns can be set in any order desired. The concerns associated to the station will be shown in the desired order (provided they are associated to the selected part).

Clone Station Top Concerns The user can also copy a station's set of concerns (and their order) using the Clone button. If clicked, the following dialog will be displayed:

Please note that this is not a merge operation. Rather, it is a full replacement of the top concerns for a station. Any existing set of concerns for a target station will be removed.

Dependent SQL Controls

SQL Controls Since Layout can execute SQL statements to display data on controls, it is now possible to limit the results from a statement depending on the value selected on a different control. In the example below, the layout shows two controls: Product Group and Product. The goal is to limit the products displayed in the latter, depending on the button selected in the first.

Control Properties The following SQL statement provides a list of the product groups available, showing them in the top control. Notice that the name of this control is set to 'ProductGroup.'

Control Properties The following SQL statement to display the data on the second control uses the runtime replaceable parameter name of the top control ([ProductGroup]) to limit the results.

The first example below shows the Product Codes associated to Product Family 'A.' When the selection changes to Product Family 'B,' the List of Product Codes is updated accordingly.

Example of Product Family A Example of Product Family B

Canvas Size on Layout Manager

Canvas Size on Layout Manager Layout Manager now has the concept of the 'canvas' – this is the allowable space in the screen where controls can be placed. This was introduced to avoid issues where controls could be left partially out of the layout and would therefore not appear on the screen.

With the canvas, the size of the layout is not actually specifically set. Instead, the size of the layout is defined by the location of controls on it – the size of the layout will be set as the minimum area to include all controls on the canvas.

Thumbnail View in Admin

Thumbnail preview You can now see a thumbnail preview of a view before opening it.

New Station Types

New Station Types Several new station types have been added – these will be used in upcoming applications.

Reference to New Checklist Validation Service

Global Settings In earlier versions of Inspect, the validation of checklist questions was performed within Data Collect. Now, this logic has been placed on a new service, which allows for future application and external systems to validate the answers to checklist questions.

Program Fixes in ATS Inspect 5.2

Corrected item

What it means

In Layout Manager, controls jump off the screen after they are selected

The new concept of Canvas eliminates the possibility of placing controls off screen. TS 6546

Multiple entries on Defect Data Dump Report - ARS

Entering defects on views with multiple grids would create one defect record for each grid. TS 6408

Cannot assign individual Responsible Area/Cells in Event Service triggers

User was unable to save specific responsible areas/cells; only ALL option was saved. TS 6716

Inaccurate information in Open Defects at Tracking Point (201) report - ARS

Query included defects and repairs beyond the specified date range. TS 6815

ARS Begin and End Dates do not reflect current Date Selection

In ARS, when selecting a Date Selection like “Last Week”, the correct dates are being used when filtering the report and the correct dates display at the top of the report but the Begin Date and End Date filters on the right-hand side of the screen did not change to show the correct dates as they currently do in “Classic” Reporting. TS 6636

Cannot navigate by page with custom filters in Classic Reporting

Problems with the Search capability in custom filters were corrected. TS 6724

Program Tracking (400) report ignores the date range selected by user - ARS

Problem in the query related to program_name column. TS 6676

DetailDetail report does not show the partlocationdetail text in the chart

Selecting Concern/Part/Location would show Detail only. TS 6629

Error message on Inspection Removal

An error message appeared when running the Inspection Removal administrative task in Classic Reporting. TS 6646

Unable to resize Copy Unit Keyboard control

The Keyboard Size property had been left out of the list. TS 6891

EventServiceSMTPDevice Service resets Extended Logging value in registry upon startup

The registry key would reset its value after each restart, so it was not possible to use the Debug mode. TS 6720

Recurring Defects not Working on Data Collect

The function that added recurring defects was being called in two places. TS 6788

Cannot enter lowercase format characters on Checklist questions

All text was forced to upper case. TS 6617

Error message when deleting production areas in Admin

Reference to obsolete table was deleted. TS 6810

In Admin, entering character '{' in part, option code, pocket repair, arrow, station and reference description field causes error message

The character was not allowed due to the manipulation of the table updates. TS 6887, 6950, 6951, 6952, 6953, 6954

Reset button on checklist gives duplicate multiple choose entries

The control would clean up the current answers, but would not delete the previous one. TS 6824

Error message when adding/removing recipients to trigger

User would be unable to edit the recipients list. TS 6845

Error message when deleting validation Messages

User would be unable to delete validation messages. TS 6811

Checklist validation is disables when adding custom error message

Checkbox should not be updated after adding the message. TS 6743

Cannot delete SMTP Output in Event Service

Error message would prevent deletion. TS 6755

Wrong purpose of spreadsheet control property

A property designed for setting the highlighted color of the selected row on a spreadsheet control had no effect on it. It was corrected, so now the property is functional. TS 6890

Concerns auto control does not refresh when selecting different parts in MDE mode

On Multiple Defect Entry, switching from part to part would not update the Concerns control. TS 6904

Auditor Ranks and Responsible Areas menu items are not active in Admin

After using these options and closing their window, their option in the menu would still be disabled as if the windows were still open. TS 6915

Extra columns exporting to CSV in ARS

Additional columns would be created when exporting ARS reports. TS 6741


Copyrights are now extended until 2009. TS 6689

Error message on update script

Script to update from 4.1.4 to 4.1.5 had two errors. TS 6820

Auto controls not showing on Goto Next Batch screen

Controls would not appear due to a refresh issue. TS 6916

Unable to print travel ticket

The error „CBaseTicket::Print(): Failed to create DC!„ would appear when trying to print a travel ticket. TS 6622

Column headers on travel ticket do not display proper vocabulary in German

Languages other than English (US) were affected. TS 7000

ADO Error when adding a Serial Port Handler with a baud rate of 38400

Removed the 38400 baud setting as it was not supported by the check contraint. TS 6966

ADO error editing a Plant Metrics Subgroup

Attempting to edit any existing Plant Metrics Subgroups from the Admin application resulted in an ADO Provider Error message. TS 6967

ADO error adding a Audit Report Target

Attempting to add/edit any Audit Report Target from the Admin application resulted in an ADO Provider Error message. TS 6968

ADO error deleting a Reference Categories

Attempting to delete any existing Reference categories from the Admin application resulted in an ADO Provider Error message. TS 6969

Dynamic Lookup table constraint

Issue trying to create a dynamic lookup and one of the substrings has a start position greater than 50 and they are receiving an error. Modified dialog to use dropdown's (combo boxes) to limit input to appropriate values. TS 6985

Error when deleting script from event service

Corrected issue and now presents warning message when scripts currently have associations. TS 6812

Concern Ranking ignoring CUI filter selections

Also affected Details Online/Offline, Concern Grid, Concern Spectrum, Concern Spectrum Video Wall, Repairs by Area/Cell, and Repairs by Category reports. TS 7003

DPU Group or DPU Resp Group target won't allow duplicate date

Issue corrected to allow duplicate dates. TS 6764

AND operator does not work with Unit Lookup Test for inclusion

The SQL query had to be modified. TS 6566.

Outdated information on README.TXT

Updated system requirements and company contact information. TS 6777

Error message ”Cannot start service from the command line or debugger” during installation

Corrected installation routine. TS 7087

Long delay in Licensing Service

Corrected the Licensing timing at startup. TS 6781

Error message when opening view in Admin

Problem appeared when no image was associated to view. TS 6958

ADO error deleting Audit station

Delete statement was not checking one table. TS 7101

ARS - Login fields off center when using IE6

Corrected placement of login fields. TS 7099

Versions & Development

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