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New Features in ATS Inspect 6.3

We’re proud to introduce the latest evolution of our product quality inspection solution - ATS Inspect 6.3.

The new version of our product quality inspection solution features many new features and improvements. Here are just a few of them:
  • Fully interactive 3D CAD reports give you a true representation of the defects on your products.
  • Existing components can be cut up into more discrete components based on an overlaid grid. This is helpful for casting and stamping operations where there are few distinct components, but large surfaces need to be broken up for further analysis.
  • Print barcode labels linked to the operator’s profile so they can log in using a barcode scanner.
  • Operators can be prevented from answering specific checklist questions which they may not be trained to answer.
  • When recording visual defects operators can see (and mark) views that have already been checked, preventing work duplication for subsequent inspectors.

There have also been countless improvements across the board to the configuration workflow, getting you up and running faster than ever before.

Download the full brochure to see all the new features.

Versions & Development

Sarıgözoğlu place order for ATS Inspect - Quality Inspection Software in Turkey

A new order has been placed by Sarıgözoğlu for our Quality Inspection Software, ATS Inspect.