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New Features in ATS Inspect 6.2

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Data Collect

Inspection Steps

Inspection Steps allow a highly complex inspection procedure to be broken down into more manageable steps. The operator must begin with the first inspection step and cannot proceed to the next step until the previous step has been completed. Completion will be accomplished by answering all checklist questions assigned to the step.

A filmstrip control helps the user to visualize where they are in the overall inspection process.

Inspection steps have a visual indicator to describe status: completed (green) and incomplete (red). If the Inspection step contains an image, it will be displayed in the control.

ATS Inspect Inspection steps
Inspectors may logout at any point during the inspection process and the current inspection step will be saved. Any inspector will be able to login and pull up the same unit and continue the inspection at the point where the previous inspector left off.

Perform an Audit

The auditing functionality that was previously available in a separate application within ATS Inspect has now been incorporated into Data Collect.

Data Collect can be used to carry out audits to evaluate a finished product prior to delivery, with the same level of detail as a customer would do. The goal is to find those problems that have not been detected during the normal production process so that it can be addressed within the facility and minimize warranty claims.

Operators can review quality concerns for a part (including the type and the severity of concern) and then re-evaluate the concern as required.

Audits are generally carried out on a limited number of production units in each shift. The exact units that are going to be audited are usually selected at random by an external system.

An audit can be carried out at any point of the production process but is most frequently performed when the unit is complete and ready for dispatch. At this point it's possible to review how many defects would have made it to the customer without the review and it also acts as a safeguard for catching any defects that may have been created in the very last steps of production.

As well as reviewing and modifying the defects created in Data Collect, the operator is also able to record further information. There is a separate defect severity level and the operator can even state how much of an impact on the customer the defect is likely to have.

Auto Zoom in Raster View

When you click and hold the pointer on the image an enlarged inspection area is displayed in a popup window.

You can then move over the image. If you move over a component and release it will add a defect and open the defect selection screen.

ATS Inspect Auto zoom in raster view

Show Repair Time

If enabled in the Repair form in Form Composer, a control will be displayed on the Comments screen that will require the operator to record the time taken to complete the repair. If the operator does not enter a value greater than zero they will not be able to save the repair. If Show Repair Time is enabled then the WarningHeight property of the control must be at least two lines high.

Find View in Which Defect Was Entered

When reviewing defects in the Overview screen it is possible to select a defect and find the view in which it was entered by clicking the Find View button. This will open up the view.

Create Multiple Defects of Same Type On a Part

When creating a defect a quantity can be entered so that multiple defects of the same type can be entered on a part. By default the quantity value is 1.

Checklist Questions Associated to Defects

Checklist questions can be associated to defects with a specific part/concern combination. When entering a defect in Data Collect the question will be shown to the operator after they have selected the concern.

Auto Logoff

If enabled, after a period of inactivity the station will automatically log the user out. The length of time before logging out is defined in the station properties in Cockpit.

Create List of Frequently Used Defects

Defects (part/concern combinations) that are used a lot can be added to a Custom Defects list for quick access. The custom defects list is associated to the current product and station where they are entered. This means that a different list will be built for each product at each station.

Images Highlighted in Defect Flag

If a defect has an image associated to it this will be highlighted by a picture icon at the end of the defect flag.

ATS Inspect Images highlighted in defect flag

Defect Info Properties

Assembly Area and Assembly Cell have been added to the Defect Info grid.

End Inspection Without Selecting New Unit

Inspection of a unit can now be ended without selecting a new unit. If the On Commit property of the station is set to End Inspection then, when the operator clicks the Commit button, the inspection will be ended and the unit will be cleared from the screen.

Repair Task Status Changes

There is no longer a button in the Overview screen that will open a separate screen to change the repair task status. This is now all done in the Overview Control.

It is also no longer possible to change the order of repair tasks. They are preset when creating a multi-step repair.

ATS Inspect Repair task status changes

Viewing Documents Associated to Parts/Concerns/Repairs

If there are documents associated to a part or concern (when entering defects) or repair (when entering repairs) then the document icon ( ) will be shown in the corner of the part, concern or repair button. Click on the icon to show a list of the associated documents and then click on the document to open it.

ATS Inspect Viewing documents associated to parts concerns repairs

Filter and Find Buttons

The Overview and Checklist controls now have Filter and Find buttons to aid the user.

ATS Inspect Filter and Find Buttons

View Location of Selected Defect on Image

The operator can see where a defect is located within a view using the View Image Control. This control can be used in the Main and Overview screens.

Select All Defects For Repair

All defects can now be selected by enabling a checkbox in the Overview screen. This saves time when you want to repair all unit defects at the same time.

ATS Inspect Select all defects for repair

Warning when Entering Defect if Defect Already Exists

A warning is displayed when entering a defect if the part/location/concern matches an existing defect on the unit.

'Not Required' Repair Status No Longer Available

The 'Not Required' status is no longer available for defect repairs.


Set Station Color Scheme

The color scheme of each station can now be set in the station properties.

Specify Part/Concern Information by Recording Area/Cell/Station

When assigning concerns to parts it is possible to specify a default responsible area/cell and default rank information as well as auto-repair and auto-confirm settings.

These settings can now be applied to concerns recorded at a specific area, cell and station.

'Used by Station' Filter For Attribute Setups

The list of available attribute setups can be filtered by whether or not they are used in a station.

ATS Inspect Used by station filter

Form Composer

Generic Controls Added

Generic Grid and Generic Date Picker controls added.

More Customization in Controls

Many of the controls now have more options enabling the customization of button sizes, fonts, background colors and more.

Variable Data Collect

Enter Multiple Causes and Actions

When a system goes out of control multiple causes and actions can be assigned to it.

View Composer

File Format Filters for Raster Images

When adding Raster images the files can be filtered by the most common formats or by all available formats.

ATS Inspect File format filters for raster images

Security Manager

Modify Username

The username used in the Login Info of a user can now be modified.

Versions & Development

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