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New Features in ATS Inspect 5.4

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Mandatory Inspection Sequence

System administrators now have the ability to create inspection steps. Inspection steps are assigned to each station in the desired sequence using Cockpit. Each step may include checklist questions, views, view categories and part categories and can have an image associated to it to highlight where the operator is working.

Mandatory steps in Cockpit In Data Collect the operator must begin with the first inspection step assigned to the station, and cannot proceed to the next step until the current step has been completed. Completion will be accomplished by answering all checklist questions assigned to the step.

To help visualize where the user is in the overall inspection process, a new Filmstrip control has been introduced. It allows the user, at a glance, to know exactly where they are. If the Inspection step contains an image, it will be displayed in the control.

Inspectors may logout at any point during the inspection process and the current inspection step will be saved. Any inspector will be able to login, pull up the same unit and continue the inspection at the point where the previous inspector left off.

Mandatory steps in Data Collect In order to simplify the setup procedure Cockpit now contains the functionality to associate the Views, View Categories and Part Categories to a Data Collect station. This functionality was previously in Admin.

Checklist control

A new Checklist Control has been introduced in the main screen to make it easier to answer checklist questions. It is very similar to the control available on the Mobile Checklist application, which has been welcomed by our customers.

Checklist control The control will cycle through the questions tied to an Inspection Step, one question at a time. If the answer is correct, it automatically moves on to the next question. If not, it indicates the wrong answer and requests confirmation.

Reference documents

On the Defect and Repair screens, the operator can now view images and documents that describe the acceptable/non-acceptable conditions on the selected part. These could be documents such as operator instructions, process sheets, drawings or visual aids. They can be associated to the following items:
- Part
- Part + Concern
- Part + Concern + Repair

The files that can be displayed are limited only by the available viewers installed on the client machine. For example, if Adobe Reader is installed, PDF files can be opened.

Reference docs

Replaceable Parameters

New replaceable parameters have been created:
- current_part_id
- current_part_code
- current_concern_id
- current_concern_code
- current_repair_type_id
- current_repair_type_code

Loading Layouts

All layouts are now loaded on demand which means that the initial startup time of the program is much faster.

New Repair Controls

Two new controls have been added to the Repair screen to speed up the repair process. The Last Repair Comments control displays a list of most recent comments associated to the selected Component/Concern/Repair combination. The Top Repair Types control displays the most common repairs for the selected component.

Clone Station

Station cloning now copies across all station settings automatically.

Serial Port Handlers

The Serial Port Handler functionality has now been moved to Cockpit.

Repair Triggers

It is now possible to create Repair Triggers. A Repair Trigger is very similar to a Defect Trigger. Repair Triggers send notifications when individual repairs are entered into the Inspect system. Administrators can customize these triggers so that notifications will be sent when a specific type of repair is carried out on a specific component used in one product. Repair triggers can also be set up to send notifications when any repair is carried out on any component used in any product assembled in the plant.

SQL Server login

It is no longer possible to modify the password of an SQL Server login using Security Manager. The modification must now be carried out in SQL Server Management Studio.

Travel Service

Travel Service has been rewritten in .NET and the image caching function has been made optional.

XML Comm Service

The XML Comm Service has been removed.

Password Encryption

ATS Inspect now encrypts its passwords in the database. This provides you with a much higher level of security.

Versions & Development

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