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New Features in ATS Inspect 5.3

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Cockpit (New Application)

Cockpit screenshot System administrators and other IT/technical resources use this application to configure, manage and monitor communication processes and services for external systems that send information to and from Inspect. It manages the configuration of the new .NET version of Inspect Communication Services.

It also manages the configuration of the information required for Variable Data Collection.

Data Archiver (New Application)

This new data management tool allows you to remove your historical data from the Inspect database and store it on a separate file. This will free up online resources and increase the analytical speed of your production systems by reducing the amount of data in the system.

At present, Data Archiver is only able to archive data. A future version will include the ability to restore data on a clean database for historical data analysis.

Form Composer (New Application)

The Form Composer application is a design and layout program for customizing the appearance of screens used at the Inspect Variable Data Collect stations. The system administrator can create templates, comprised of forms, to control the colors, sizes, fonts and placements of every Variable Data Collect screen.

Variable Data Collect (New Application)

Inspect has long been the preferred data analysis tool for Six Sigma Black Belts in the attribute data world; we have now crossed the threshold into the variable data world.

VDC input screenVariable Data Collect allows operators to record Critical To Quality characteristics such as lengths, diameters, temperatures, voltage or weight. Statistical process control charts are also now available for real-time data analysis. Our customers asked to have all data, attribute and variable, in one portal; and we listened.

Keyboard entry to find part in checklist

When creating or editing a question, the associated part/location can be found faster by selecting the dropdown list and pressing the first letter of the part/location you are looking for. The list will then jump to part/locations starting with that letter.

Part/Concern extended properties

The matching options for a part/concern repair relationship can include a dynamic lookup and location.

Selected Parts and Views in categories

When looking at the View Categories popup, highlighted views remain selected when you switch between products. This saves the user from having to find and re-select views when the same views are required in several products. The same also happens in the Part Categories popup.

Defect selection radius

The radius at which a defect can be selected in Data Collect and Auditor can be modified in the station options. Enlarging the radius at which a defect can be selected will make them easier to select.

On the other hand the radius can be reduced if the defects are generally close together.

Optional detail selection

Detail entry in Data Collect and Auditor can be made either optional or mandatory in the station options. When detail entry is mandatory, and there are details available for the selected concern, the OK button won't be activated until a detail has been selected.

Turn on/off validation sounds

Validation sounds for checklist questions in Data Collect and Auditor can be turned on or off in the station options.

Question can appear in more than one category in a checklist

A question can be cloned and modified so that it appears in more than one category of the same checklist.

Question can be included in a Product Group

The inclusion tab in question properties allows a question to be included in an entire product group as well as in individual products.

Load views on demand

In order to speed up the start-up process for Data Collect and Auditor, instead of loading all views when logging in, there is an option in Station properties that will allow them to only be loaded when they?re required.

Resize original size of views

The original size of views in Data Collect and Auditor can be changed in the station options.

List of screens shown for selected template

When looking at layouts associated to stations the screens of the layout are also visible.

Instant update of checklist questions

When an existing checklist question has been modified, or a new one has been added, it can be made available on the production line instantly by pressing the new Add to Units... button. This ability is limited to questions that are assigned to categories.

Make non-essential languages inactive

Languages can be hidden from the drop-down list in the task bar by setting them as inactive.

Instant update of checklist questions

When an existing checklist question has been modified, or a new one has been added, it can be made available on the production line instantly by pressing the new Add to Units... button. This ability is limited to questions that are assigned to categories.

Auto-select Detail

If only one Detail is available when a defect is being entered, it is automatically selected.

Defect Filter Mode button renamed

The Defect Filter Mode button has been renamed on the Main screen and the Overview screen as follows:

- Main screen: Defect Source Filter Mode.
- Overview screen: Defect Status Filter Mode.

Transfer layouts between databases

It's possible to transfer a layout from one database to another. The layouts are exported from the first database as .xml files and can then be imported by the second database in the same format.

View layout, template and station relationships

When opening a layout it is now possible to see which templates they belong to by selecting them.

It is also possible to see a list of stations that a template is related to when viewing templates.

Display and Hide Main View Information

The information displayed below the main view can now be optionally hidden. The available information is:

- Last Point
- Last Physical Point
- Scale
- Component

These options can be changed in the properties of the Master View control.

MFR Part Number in Raw Data Dump report

A column showing the MFR Par Number is now available in the Raw Data Dump report.

Regenerate and delete questions

The administrative tasks tab now allows you to regenerate and delete checklist questions for specific units.

Modified Defect Removal/Correction Filter

In Defect Removal and Defect Correction it is now possible to filter by Recording Area, Group or Station instead of just Recording Station.

Login rights

A user must either have super user rights or rights for logging into Security Manager in order to log in to Security Manager.

Additional security rights

The following possible security rights have been added:

- Admin - Modify Checklist
- Admin - Add Checklist Questions to Unit
- Admin - Modify Costing
- Admin - Modify Variable Setup
- Admin - Modify CAP Setup
- Data Archiver – Login

Locked units

It is now possible to lock a unit so that it cannot be modified.

Supported platforms

The platforms supported by Inspect has been expanded to contain all of the following:

- Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit)
- Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)
- Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
- Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher
- Windows Server 2003 R2 (32-bit or 64-bit)
- Windows Server 2008 (32-bit or 64-bit)
- Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit

Versions & Development

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