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Vehicle Assembly

A representative from an automotive manufacturer's assembly plant stated that, 'The 3 main benefits that we derived from ATS Inspect - Quality Inspection Software were better containment, rework reduction and warranty reduction.

Before implementing the quality system, the Pre-delivery Area would receive vehicles from the Paint Area at a rate of 45 repairs per 1000 units. Today with the ATS Inspect software in place in Paint, the rate of defective units is down to 10 –15 per 1000 (a 66% to 78% improvement).

In one of their paint areas they went from 2000 repairs per 1000 units down to 1200/1000 (a 40% improvement). This is attributed to faster reaction to problems and process improvements with better analysis using the data from ATS Inspect. Paint warranty was reduced by $200,000 a year.'

Application Examples & User Opinions

Sarıgözoğlu place order for ATS Inspect - Quality Inspection Software in Turkey

A new order has been placed by Sarıgözoğlu for our Quality Inspection Software, ATS Inspect.