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Quality Inspection Software Brings Certainty To Process

'Instead of intuitively knowing where problems are, we now have data. Now we know.'

Defect TrackingOne of North America's largest stamping plants uses Inspect Software to track defects on automotive components, including full-body underframes, car roofs, doors and side panels. More than 400 parts are produced at this plant alone. Inspect has replaced paper concern sheets that were used to record defects and then filed away for future reference.

Now inspectors use a stylus to touch a line drawing of a part on a touch screen to indicate the area of the defect and the severity of the ranking. Defects are ranked on a scale of 0.1 to 1.0. If any defect is listed as a 0.5 or higher, the software immediately sends an e-mail to the appropriate managers.

Defect Tracking
Manufacturing representatives meet weekly to review color-coded concern reports ranking defects by severity. Data is compiled to determine where the problem areas are and what can be done to remedy them. These areas are then tracked to be sure that the improvements implemented are working.

'Instead of intuitively knowing where problems are, we now have data. Now we know,' says the plant's continuous improvement supervisor. 'We used to say, 'I think that this is probably what the problem is. Now we can say for certain.''

Application Examples & User Opinions

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