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Manufacturing Quality Alerts

Keep your entire plant informed about the current state of your product quality and immediately alert key personnel when quality issues arise.

Whether it’s a regular update or a quality issue alert, ATS Inspect will be able to let the right people know right away via e-mail and static display devices, such as message boards and overhead monitors.

Alerting the Right People

Inspect Event Service Phone
Wherever your maintenance team are they'll be informed the moment an issue occurs with a message to their smart phone. Real-time status updates allow them to plan their work in the most optimum way possible.

ATS Inspect can generate instant alerts and regular reports for a wide variety of issues including the following:
  • Quality thresholds
  • Production thresholds
  • Critical defects
  • Quality statuses
  • Production statuses
  • Scheduled events

Instant Feedback to Defect Source

ATS Inspect sends quality data to Andon displays above the production line so that everyone knows the current situation. When product quality issues arise making the information instantly available to operators at the source of the issue means that they'll be able to take corrective actions to prevent further defects from occurring.

An Informed Plant

Line leaders and managers follow product quality trends on overhead displays. This allows them to foresee quality issues, redirect maintenance resources where necessary and keep production working at maximum efficiency.

Inspect Event Service Overhead

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Application Examples & User Opinions

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